When people think about plastic surgery treatments that improve facial features and make you look younger and more vibrant, they tend to think that these procedures are made primarily for women. In reality, cosmetic treatments like Botox and other facial-rejuvenation techniques are great treatments for both men and women and can provide a number of advantages that many men can benefit from.

More than ever before, men are utilizing cosmetic treatments to retain their youthful looks by reducing frown lines and treating crow’s feet. Botox can provide men with plenty of great benefits. It can:

• Treat wrinkles and facial lines
• Provide relief from an enlarged prostate
• Help minimize excessive sweating

Don’t let age steal away your youthful looks. Contact our office if you have any questions about Botox. With the help of Dr. Stephen Fink, a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can eliminate the signs of aging and experience long-lasting results.