Lower Face & Neck Lift

Lower Face & Neck Lift in newport beach

At Newport Faces, I always balance safety, shorter recovery times and natural looking results. Thousands of procedures have led to the evolution of my signature Newport Faces Lift. This incorporates a combination of my most effective techniques, customized for maximum results in each person. Most commonly, my procedure includes Smart liposuction contouring, tightening of underlying SMAS with sutures in combination with platysmaplasty, and removal of excess skin. The incisions are placed in natural folds and hidden by hair when possible, to make them less conspicuous with normal healing. They can be adjusted with some variation to achieve the best results for you. The procedure can be performed alone or simultaneously with optional enhancement procedures for greater effect. The result is amazing with a natural elevation of the lower face, jawline and neck contour. Marionette lines and nasolabial folds are also softened. Sutures are removed after one week. Variable bruising and swelling continues to resolve over the next couple of weeks in most people.

Dr. Fink has treated thousands of cosmetic patients in Southern California from surgical centers in Beverly Hills to La Jolla in San Diego. He is Board Certified Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. His surgical training and understanding of anatomy makes him an ideal doctor to administer a lower face & neck lift. The natural and youthful results of his patients support this statement. He also has extensive US accredited training to perform a lower face & neck lift and many other surgical and non-invasive procedures.

Of course! All procedures offered at Newport Faces Cosmetic Surgery can be performed under both general anesthesia and local anesthesia.

Newport Faces Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Fink specializes in lower face rejuvenation which defines and eliminates the sagging lower face and reinstates a stronger jawline and brings back the neck of a younger you.  The Newport Faces Lift is performed under local anesthesia and recovery time is minimal.

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