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While facial rejuvenation focuses on repositioning and firming underlying tissue to define the jawline, the lower face and neck while tightening and removing excess skin, there is a difference when performing a facelift on a male patient. Men’s faces are generally larger and the facial tissue and skin tends to be thicker and more vascular. Different techniques and more time may be necessary to lift and elevate the facial tissues and skin. There are also differences in bone structure – most men want a square, masculine jaw with a stronger chin compared to the slimmer female jaw with higher more prominent check bones. A successful male facelift should leave the patient looking like themselves, only several years younger, preserving their masculine features.

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Absolutely! Dr Fink is one of the most experienced male facial cosmetic surgeons. He is happy to provide a free consultation and discuss your individual needs.

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Having performed over 5,000 facial rejuvenation procedures Dr Fink is the industry leader in facial cosmetic surgery. His attention to detail coupled with the most advanced techniques will leave you with results that exceed anything you could have expected. Let Dr Fink’s 27 years of experience speak for itself.