Neck Band / Platysma


Vertical neck /platysma muscle bands are one of the early signs of facial aging in the patient. The presence of these bands seen in the neck may be more prominent with facial animation such as grimacing. They may be present even when the remainder of the face and jawline show less signs of aging. They may cause significant anxiety to patients. Sometimes the muscle is loose and obscured by fatty soft tissue contributing to the turkey neck. In these cases there is loss of the defined angle under the chin.

There are a variety of ways to treat and corrrect the neck platysma bands in Men. Dr. Stephen Fink, a board certified facial plastic surgeon carefully examines each patient to determine the best approach for each patient. Anatomic considerations and patient desire for overall improvement are considered. Softening these neck bands can provide dramatic results. Non-surgical and surgical options include:

  • Non-surgical treatment with Botox for men (AKA Brotox)

When the vertical bands are prominent and dynamic with facial expression in a thinner neck, the application of small amounts of concentrated botox in vertcal bands can relax the muscle and improve the severity of the platysma band with minimal down time. This can be done in the office setting. Longevity of results requires a series of treatments.

  • Surgical Treatments

Percutaneous platysmotomy 

In mild cases where the neck is defined but the muscle is dynamic, a series of transection points performed through the skin can weaken and relax the muscle. This will make the muscle less pronounced during animation. Performed under local anesthesia, the downtime is generally associated with mild bruising and swelling that can last several days.

Lateral Platysma correction

In cases where the neck bands show early prominence associated with early laxity of the skin on the lower face and neck, a lateral tightening of the platysma muscle can be incorporated into a mini-lift procedure to soften loose platysma muscle with a lasting effect.

Submental platysma (platysmaplasty) correction

This procedure is often incorporated into a full lower face and neck lift procedure in my practice. This direct approach with a horizontal incision in the crease under the chin, allows correction of the double chin. Fat can removed above and below the platysma muscle with liposuction and direct excision while reshaping the muscle with sutures and incisions will improve the contour of the neck. A corset platysmplasty is a technique that Dr Fink commonly employs. The midline edges of the platysma muscles are “laced” together with suture to lift and firm under the chin.

Platysma band treatment/correction with Dr. Stephen Fink in Newport Beach corrects signs of aging in the neck by different techniques to smooth contours, improve definition and make your neck look younger. Many times the procedure is performed with face lift surgery for more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Benefits of platyma band correction depending on technique used include:

  • Correcting visible vertical bands on the neck from prominent or loose muscles
  • Removing sagging skin from under the chin
  • Eliminating excessive fat from under the chin and neck
  • Restoring a smooth, more youthful looking neck

A successful platysma band correction can turn back the clock, cosmetic procedure will permenently prevent the effects of aging.

Board Certified Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr Stephen Fink will perform a comprehensive medical examination in advance planning of your procedure. Your neck will be evaluated for the degree of looseness of support muscles, excess fat accumulation below the skin, excess and elasticity of skin and severity of platysma bands. The bone structure of the chin and jawline will also be evaluated.

A platysmaplasty procedure is generally performed through discreet well hidden incisions behind the ears and below the chin. This can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation in the fully accredited surgical center on our premises. Through these incisions, Dr. Fink will firm and reshape support muscles of the neck. The degree of firming and liposuction is customized for each patient to achieve maximum results while maintaining a natural appearance that blends with the uniqueness of your face. As the incisions heal, the scars fade so that you can confidently display your beautiful results. Sometimes other enhancement procedures (chin augmentation, laser procedures for skin tightening and texture or upper face procedures) are recommended to help balance your results. All these procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis allowing you to go home soon after the procedure. You will need to have a close friend or family member assist with transporation and care from you the first night after your procedure.

Non-surgical treatment with Botox involves injecting Botox in precise locations along the platysma bands to relax the muscle and decrease the severity of contraction of a visably dynamic muscle. Treatment of platysma bands with Botox is performed in the office setting.

Platysma band treatment/correction in Men by Board Certified Facial Plastic surgeon Dr Stephen Fink usually ranges from 1-3 hours depending on the severity and other combined procedures performed. Dr Stephen Fink will consult with you, make recommendations and outline any presurgical factors that may affect your expectations.

Dr. Fink will see you the day after the procedure to remove your bandages and place a support garmet that should be worn 23 hours a day during the first week. Sutures are usually removed 7-10 days after the procedure. Bruising and swelling are common after the procedure. Regular icing and limiting your activity the first several days can significantly reduce the amount. Most bruising that occurs during this time will resolve over the next 2-3 weeks. You will be instructed on care for your incisions. It is very important to protect your newly rejuvenated face and neck from sun exposure after surgery. Avoiding direct exposure, wearing a wide brimmed hat and liberally applying SPF 50 or stronger sunscreen is recommended by Dr. Fink. Although you can be out in public as soon as you look presentable, generally you can resume unrestricted physical activities by 3 weeks.

Within a week, you should see significant improvement. Once the bruising and swelling are gone, you will have minor scars that are hidden around your ears and below your chin. These too will fade over time. Gradually your new, younger neck will emerge a few weeks after the procedure. Most of our male patients enjoy the benefits of surgical platysma treatment for many years. Although you will continue to age, your results will be ahead of your original aging process. Depending on your age, you may have more than one surgical band treatment in your lifetime.

Non – surgical Botox for platysma in Men is performed in the office setting at the Newport Beach location.

Platysma band treatment with Botox for Men by Board Certfied Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Fink takes 15-30 minutes in the office setting.

Most likely you will be able to return to work the next day with mild bruising that will last a few days.

Within 4 days to a week, you should start to see significant improvement. We will closely monitor your progress to ensure a smooth recovey. Depending on the severity, you may need touch up injections after a week to improve the results. The duration of the Botox effect is approximately 3 months.

Newport Faces Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Fink specializes in lower face rejuvenation which defines and eliminates the sagging lower face and reinstates a stronger jawline and brings back the neck of a younger you.  The Newport Faces Lift is performed under local anesthesia and recovery time is minimal.

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