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Going through a traumatic accident may cause you to develop scars on parts of your body. Depending on the severity of the scar, the sizes may vary from very large to very small, and depending on your unique situation, it may be an embarrassing blemish that you want to get rid of. If you have a scar that you want to get rid of, a second chance is possible with scar revision.

A scar revision treatment is a useful solution for improving the look of a scar. Depending on the type of scar one has, there are different techniques available that can help remedy the situation.

Minor scars can be improved with topical silicone products, hypertrophic scars can be improved with injections of Kenalog, and even laser treatments can be used if these methods prove ineffective. If there is enough available skin, your doctor may even choose to remove and redirect a scar if he feels that it is possible to heal better a second time.

If you’re not happy about the scars you have and want to improve the look of your skin, then a scar revision is the solution for you. Contact our office to learn more about the treatment from Dr. Stephen Fink, a skilled plastic surgeon, today.

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