Are you tired of people telling you look tired and worn out? Hearing it often can take a huge toll on your confidence levels and can decrease your morale. What some people don’t think about is as we get older, our faces begin to look haggard and gaunt. While some facial creams and makeup can provide a temporary fix, the changes to your face will begin to show more and more over time.

If you want your youthful appearance back, a facial fat transfer will do the trick. It can effectively reduce the signs of aging and give you a more youthful look. The procedure utilizes fat sourced from your thighs or buttocks to create natural results. Your face will look so vibrant that you may never hear the words “you look tired” again.

So if you want to revive your youthful appearance, contact our plastic surgery office to learn more about a facial fat transfer today! Dr. Stephen Fink, a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, will be happy to help.

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