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The eyebrows are among the most important components of our facial expressions. Their position and shape can help define your character and allows you to express yourself properly through dynamic movement. With age, however, your brows may convey unintended emotions that can cause you to look angry, tired, or fatigued. In cases like these, a brow lift can help.

A brow lift is the perfect solution to someone experiencing the early effects of aging that take a toll on the brow’s shape and position. You may be in need of one if:

• Your eyebrows have descended, causing you to look tired.
• You have lost your normal shape and lateral arch.
• You have excess skin around your brow.
• You give off the impression of being tired or angry when you don’t mean to.

The look of your brow can significantly alter your entire appearance. A brow lift, however, can help keep you looking youthful, alert, and happy. If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephen Fink, a highly respected facial plastic surgeon.

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